Why Do We Need A Physiotherapist

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As we all know, there is no disease in this world that get treated on its own. We need a doctor for all the diseases. Even if we have flu or coughing, we have to go see a doctor. The life of a human being is so much important than any other thing. There are many diseases in this world that need to be treated as soon as possible otherwise we have to face bad consequences for a delay. It is not necessary that e only go to a doctor when we are ill but sometimes, we have to see a doctor for a regular checkup just to see we are doing fine and our body doesn’t have any deficiencies. 

It we specifically talk about bones and muscles; they are the main things. We rely on these two things mainly in order to get our work done and to push our body forward for daily chores and other things. So, they have to be all clear and fine so that we do not face any problem any time nay day.

Due to the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D, we feel pain in our bones. We can run or walk properly. It also hits our nerves and then multiple diseases generated due to it. So, having a healthy lifestyle is as important as having a food 3 times a day. Supplements play a vital role in maintaining a good health. Only doctors can prescribe such supplements according to the need of a body.

Following are the issues that e face due to the deficiency of calcium and Vitamin D. Sometimes, such issues do not go away with medicines and supplements. We have to go for sports physiotherapy Melbourne sessions and sometimes for a surgery. So, it is always a wise opinion that prevention is better than cure.


  • Back pain:


Young age people like to play sports. They are much into sports. If they have some deficiencies in their body then their performance will definitely get affected and they do not give their 100% in the field.  


  • Sciatica Pain:


WE have often seen that old aged people experience this pain. When they do not take care of themselves and forget to take the food supplements then their nerves weaken after a lapse of time. As they grow older, they need food supplements. When they do not take supplements, their nerves compressed in between the disc which cause unbearable pain. 


  • Loss of Balance:


We have seen many kids around us who can’t hold their neck and stand on their own. These diseases are in born. They have born with nerves disease. Physiotherapy can help such kids also.

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